The Choice is Yours

A government film gives hope of rehabilitation to the returning war veteran.



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The Choice is Yours

A government film gives hope of rehabilitation to the returning war veteran.

Year: 1918

Length: 3:30

Production Company: Amalgamated Pictures Australasia Pty Ltd

Credits: Produced by Claude Flemming Photographed by Bert Cross Written by F G Samson

Source: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia

Catalogue Reference: NFSA title: 35214

People: CAST: Digger - Claude Flemming; Father - George Bryant; Mother - Georgia De Lara; Sister - Elaine Roberts; Sweetheart - Trilby Clark

Location: Australia

Tags: repatriation

Subject: repatriation

This short dramatic film about the return of a soldier to his family was commissioned by the Department of Repatriation. It combines professional actors and newsreel footage.

Jack, a returned war veteran, and his father discuss the wonderful choices he now has to rebuild his life after the war. Returned soldiers are shown being trained in furniture making, bootmaking, building, pottery, wool sorting and farming. The purpose of the film was to showcase the Government’s retraining schemes for returning servicemen. It is also a blatant request for public funding to help the returned soldier learn a new trade or go on the land.

Despite its obvious social message, this film would have given ex-servicemen some hope for their future prospects


The Choice is Yours

  • Australia

  • 0:00

    Soldiers disembark from troop ship

  • 0:06

    Intertitle: Commandant - Australia is raising £25,000,000 for you to build up a new Australia. Everybody will help. Make your choice - settle on the land or learn a trade?...

  • 0:22

    Soldiers lined up

  • 0:29

    Intertitle: Home, Sweet Home

  • 0:31

    Soldier returns home

  • 0:51

    Soldier and family take tea in the backyard

  • 1:04

    Intertitle: FATHER - You have been told that a loak is being raised of £25,000,000 to help you diggers. Have you thought of your future is it to be a trade or land?.....

  • 1:16

    Intertitle: Furniture Making

  • 1:19

    Men making furniture

  • 1:31

    Intertitle: Bootmaking

  • 1:34

    Men making boots

  • 1:51

    Intertitle: Building Instruction Class

  • 1:54

    Men building

  • 2:06

    Intertitle: Pottery

  • 2:09

    Men making pottery

  • 2:22

    Intertitle: Wool Sorting

  • 2:24

    Men sorting wool

  • 2:37

    Intertitle: Even the maimed are helped

  • 2:41

    Prosthetic legs

  • 2:46

    Men wearing prosthetic legs

  • 2:53

    Intertititle: Settling on the land

  • 2:57

    Constructing a farmhouse

  • 3:04

    Caring for hrose, feed hens and coraling cattle

  • 3:21