Anzac Sights & Sounds

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Written by: Chris Pugsley

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War in Europe and the Middle East

Explore Australian and New Zealand sights and sounds of World War I from the battlefronts.

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New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF)

'We didn’t know where we were going. We...

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The Western Front

Between August 1914 and November 1918 New Z...

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War at Sea

This collection highlights battles fought at...

8 items

F8201 screen grab 45988 troopembarkation 02 ab F1820 horses F8201 screengrab   convoy extract

The journey from Australia and New Zealand t...

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First anzac ashore 1031012 0002 resized Nursesmarquette Burying the dead
Gallipoli Campaign

New Zealand and Australia’s baptism of fire ...

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Burying the dead 9396 ausexpedforces 02 ab Bridges funeral 34000 20923 anzacbulgars 01 ab
Australian Imperial Force (AIF)

The Australian Imperial Force (AIF) was the ...

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War in Europe

After the horrors of Gallipoli the soldiers ...

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